Hatikvah - Hope Reborn

Dr. Astrith Baltsan,Concert Pianist and Scholar

World tours 2016 - 2017

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A special show presenting a revolutionary up-to date research of Israel's national anthem Hatikvah – from ancient Sephardic Jewish prayer, to classical music by Mozart and Smetana; from Rumanian folk songs to first Jewish settlements in Israel. A fascinating quest from Yassi to New York, from Bergen-Belzen to Jerusalem, from Herzl claiming “our hope is not yet lost”, to rap-singers shouting: “The dream will die if hope ceases to cry.” Baltsan weaves the national topic into a fascinating personal show, in a spectacular performance containing music by Mozart, Chopin, Smetana, Jewish and Israeli folk, pop and rock tunes and rare historical recordings and films of various versions of Israel's national anthem.


Sometimes, in victories, it is loud as the music's playing
Sometimes, in memorials, it's soft, almost like praying
Sometimes in ceremonies, we sing because we have to
Sometimes, in obituaries, we sing because we want to.
Sometimes in starts hesitantly, insecurely, reluctantly,
Yet, once we reach the phrase - "Our hope is not yet lost"
Everybody sings enthusiastically.

Hatikvah, Israel's national anthem is more than 132 years old. What is the secret behind that song?
Somewhere between a drunk poet (Imber) in 1878, a symphonic poem (Smetana) and folk tunes of new immigrants in the first settlements
in Israel (1905) - our hope was born. It is still reborn and recreated in today's life in Israel.

Many stories surprises await the listener in Dr. Baltsan musical journey. In her unique impeccable style, Baltsan sheds light on the origin, importance and transformations of Hatikvah.


A gigantic achievement! "
This performance is a must for every jew in the world!"
(Shimon Peres, President of Israel)

Unique and wonderful"!"
(Zubin Mehta)

"An exhilarating experience! Sensational success!"
(Haaretz – Herald Tribune)

This woman is incredible! I laughed and cried, and could not cease to smile ! Highly recommended!
(yedioth Aharonot)

I attended the 100th performance of Hatikva. One woman show, and not one empty seat in Beit Hatfuzot Auditorium.
(Yaacov Bar On, Makor Rishon)


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Israeli pianist Astrith Baltsan was born in Tel Aviv and is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of both the piano and musicology departments at the Tel Aviv University. She won the Julliard School scholarship for graduate studies, and completed her doctorate in piano performance in the Manhattan School of Music. A first prize winner in the Banff Concerto Competition (Canada) and the Concert Artists Guild’s Auditions in New York City, she received numerous awards from the Yale University, The Tanglewood Festival, the La Gesse Festival in France, the Tutzing Festival in Munich and the Ernen Chamber Festival in Switzerland.

Astrith Baltsan returned to Israel in 1986 to join the faculty of the Rubin Academy of Music at the Tel Aviv University. She became a regular participant in the Israel Festival, Jerusalem, performs as soloist with all major orchestras in Israel, including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Zubin Mehta. Dr. Baltsan is critically acclaimed for her interpretation of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann and Brahms. She is also known for performances of contemporary music, and many Israeli pieces have been written especially for her.

In 1990 Astrith Baltsan began to develop her unique concept of a classical concert, which reaches out for larger audience. Her concerts-series “Classics in Personal View” presents performances of classical masterpieces coupled with her unique story-telling and multimedia devices such as video clips, fusion of various musical styles like classical, pop, and jazz with guest artists, opera singers, players, dancers and actors. Her concerts revolutionized the classical music scene and became the largest classical series in Israel. “Astrith Baltsan ‘s Classical Piano Show is a fascinating mixture of culture and entertainment touching every aspect of human existence thus making classical music for once both accessible and relevant” (The Jerusalem Post). Baltsan performs extensively in Israel, with all major orchestras , including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under Zubin Mehta, in concertos , recital and in chamber music. She was awarded the Tel Aviv Prize for performance, The Ministry of culture Award for unique music making, the Ministry of Education Prize for new paths in music education , has her own TV and radio series on clasisscal music , published 4 books and released 10 cds and DVD.. Her programs are broadcasted regularly in Israel Classical Chanel Kol Hamusica. Her concerts tours as soloist include Europa, the US, Canda, Cetral America, Australia ,and the Far East. In January 2006 she was awarded the "Audience Choice" Prize in a competition held by Israel largest newpaper : Yedioth Aharonoth. In 2007 – "The best Classical performer prize" by Mifal Hapais, and in 2008 – special excellence in music prize from Israel Government and Ministry of Education . Her research and book + 2cd on Hatikva – Israel's national anthem – became a best seller and was cricatlly acclaimed as a Unique Achievement in Israel's Cultural Life and in the entire Jewish World.

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